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Chicagoland Garage Builder of ExcellenceWhether you are replacing an existing detached garage or adding a new detached garage to your property, choosing a garage company that does quality construction just makes sense.  After all, your garage represents a sizable investment in your property’s overall value. You’re also investing in a structure that will likely be protecting another substantial investment –  your automobiles.

Choose a Garage Specialist

It makes sense to choose a company that specializes in garage construction, is locally owned and has the track-record of being in business for the long haul. Of course, check any potential builder’s record with the Better Business Bureau to see how complaints are handled, and make sure the company has adequate liability insurance, at least $2 million worth, before anyone works on your property.

At Steele and Loeber we’ve been building garages for over 65 years.  When you choose us to build your garage you can count on getting a garage that will last a lifetime – even in Chicago! Those pre-fab garage companies don’t understand what kind of winter’s our Windy City can dish out, but being lifelong Chicagoans, we sure do!

Your Steele and Loeber garage will include features such as steel roof braces and corner brackets to support heavy loads of snow. Others simply don’t go this extra mile and this can lead to very unfortunate results!

Here are some other essential features that you’ll get with Steele and Loeber, but likely not elsewhere:

  • Six panel steel painted service door with dead bolt and entry lock
  • 16 gauge steel door jamb — assures maximum security for you garage
  •  Steel beam header over the garage door so it will never sag
  •  Steel corner brackets – support heavy snow load. Ties walls & roof together
  •  A 2 by 12 super plate on the roof for added strength,
  •  8-inch pre-finished fascia and soffit (not 6-inch), an area some builders skimp on to cut cost.

When you choose Steele and Loeber as your Garage Company, you can rest assured you will get a beautiful, functional and sturdy garage that will meet your needs.

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