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Since 1947, detatched garages in Elmhurst and the Chicagoland area have been built by Steele & Loeber Garage Builders.  We are the best in quality, price, and service, because garage construction is our business.  Other garage companies don’t have the know-how and experience that comes from operating a business for over 65 years.

Do you want to protect your car and, at the same time, keep your main living space separate from your hobbies? Are you looking for a space for your workshop that has plenty of natural light and a durable floor? Wouldn’t you love a separate space to entertain friends and family where it’s easy to bring the party to a roof-top deck or outside to a patio? Will a new garage increase the value of your home?

Steele and Loeber’s experts can help you with all of these questions. Steele and Loeber has been servicing clients around the Chicagoland area since 1947. As one of the largest garage builders in the area, we offer cutting-edge construction solutions so that you’ll get the garage you want, on-time, on-budget and without hassles.

Steele & Loeber is Chicagoland’s only garage builder with their very own lumberyard. This means direct savings to you along with the satisfaction that your detached garage will be constructed with the finest craftsmanship and top notch materials. No other garage company can match our price and service. Our professionals build new garages customized to meet your every need.

Click here or give us a call at 708-544-8383, and one of our own garage design specialists will answer any questions you have. Once you have decided on the kind of garage you will like the best, our garage contractor will help you with the next steps to take.

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