Happy Cars With Chicago Garages

The Golden Rule for Cars: Treat Your Car How You Want To Be Treated

Why having a garage keeps your car (and you!) happy

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Make Your Car Happy!

A car can represent a lot of things: a successful career, a busy family, a show-off during a hot date. Something so valuable deserves to be treated with The Golden Rule: Treat your car how you want to be treated. We all have a roof over our heads and walls to keep out the cold. At Steele & Loeber, we believe your most prized possession deserves the same.

You may think a garage is just another expense that you can live without. For the sake of you AND your car, we think you will agree that a garage from Steele & Loeber can make your life (and your car’s life) a little easier and stress-free. Here’s how…

Without a Garage…

You step out of bed onto your cold hardwood floors and look out your window to see the dreaded sight of snow falling to the ground. You see a large white pile of snow and hope you’ll be able to find your car under there somewhere, after A LOT of digging. You begin to suit up: hat, jacket, snowpants, two pairs of gloves, wool socks and winter boots. You grab the brush and open the front door just as a big gust of wind blows the freezing snow in your face. You trek to the pile of snow in the middle of your driveway and begin brushing the heavy snow onto the ground. Twenty minutes later, the faded red color of your car is finally visible. Success! You grab the door handle and give it a tug. It doesn’t budge. You pull again, harder this time. The ice begins to crackle but still, the door doesn’t open. You use two hands and give the door a good yank the door–it opens suddenly and knocks you to the ground. You put your keys in the ignition, start your car and blast the heat before going inside to wait twenty minutes for your car to warm up enough so you won’t have to wear your snowsuit to work again.

With a Garage…

You hit the snooze button. You hit it again. Once more. You step out of bed, the cold floors tickle your toes, but you don’t mind because a beautiful sight greets you when you look out your window–snow delicately floating to the ground. You look admire the beautiful blanket the snow is creates. You pour yourself a warm cup of coffee and sit down at the table, still admiring the sparkling snow. There is still time to page through the newspaper and relax for a few minutes before you take on the day. You head to your garage, built by Steele & Loeber, you linger at the doorway to admire the perfect cherry-red paint on your most prized possession before you grab the door handle and hop in and fire up the engine. It purrs reassuringly as you click the button and watch the garage door slide smoothly open. As you pull out of the garage, snowflakes glisten before they melt on your windshield.

I think we’ve made our point! A garage from Steele & Loeber will protect your car from wind, rain, snow & more, giving it a longer (and healthier) life span. Whether it’s a fire-engine red or a deep, midnight black, a garage will help protect that vibrant color you love so much. Steele & Loeber is dedicated to building a great garage because we know how important it is to have a sturdy, reliable place to shelter you and your things. A garage built by Steele & Loeber will weather any storm, just as it should.

Ready to learn more? Why not invite one of our garage specialists over to your  home where they can provide you a free consultation and a free garage estimate?  We’re always here to help (708) 544-8383

Save Your Wallet And Your Car WIth Steele & Loeber

We all know what it’s like to turn on the television and see the dreaded words flash across the screen: “HAIL STORM WARNING.” Hail storms often bring with them a good deal of collateral damage, but if you don’t have a garage protecting your car, your mind is overtaken with instant fear and you are forced to stare at the television to assess the amount of potential damage. If you are like many people we know, you consider draping yourself across your car to protect it! Questions rush through your mind: “How much is this going to cost?” “What kind of damage is this going to cause?” “Can I make golf ball size dents in the hood of my Lexus look cool?” Uh, probably not…

Most of the time, there is not enough warning to take the proper precautions to protect vehicles from an impending hail storm. There is a solution—a simple one at that—a garage.

A garage from Steele and Loeber can eliminate the potential damage inflicted by a hail storm or other natural disaster. According to NBC Chicago, a round of severe hailstorms in late June 2011 left a path of damage across Chicagoland to cars and houses. The article states, “The fast-moving ‘supercell’ storm produced golf ball-sized hail and winds…of up to 90 mph.”

According to ABC Chicago, auto body shops throughout the Chicago area were inundated with cars damaged from the hail in the same June 2011 storm. The article explained that car windows were busted or cracked and metal was pock-marked. The cost of the damage coupled with the lost time, not to mention frustration, of the vehicle owners made that a rather expensive storm.

A Steele and Loeber garage will protect vehicles and save drivers money, frustration and time—perhaps prolonging the life of your car. With your car safely tucked in your new garage, the next time the words “HAIL STORM WARNING” scroll across the TV screen, you can relax because you’ve prepared for such an occasion. Go ahead, turn the channel to the Big Bang Theory and let the hail fall where it may.

The Man Cave

Living room, dining room, kitchen, office—all these are standard rooms in a house. However, another room has recently evolved to be quite common in the modern day household—The Man Cave. A tool bench & mini fridge has quickly progressed to a 60-inch flat screen TV, a French-door refrigerator overflowing with beer and a stylish furniture set complete with a reclining chair.

 Because the Man Cave is a new development, most houses don’t come with a room designed for such use. We have the solution—a garage from Steele & Loeber. While a garage is commonly used to house cars and storage boxes, Steele & Loeber can cater to the needs of a Man Cave as well. With the options we provide, we can build you a garage big enough to serve all functional purposes, while still leaving room for the desirable Man Cave.

Here’s how to transform your space into the perfect Man Cave:


  • Install garage carpeting that is comfortable enough to walk around on, but can still support your car
  • Heavy duty polypropylene is most commonly used as garage carpeting due to its durability, ease of maintenance, ability to dry quickly & the ability to customize (i.e. your favorite sports team, color, etc.)

Heated garage

  • Steele & Loeber can install a heater in your new garage…it won’t even feel like a garage!

Paint the walls

  • Steele & Loeber can finish the walls of your garage with drywall, giving you a chance to paint the walls to add some extra color

Install a fold-up bar

  • To save space, install a bar that can be folded up against the wall when it’s not game day

Add extra electric outlets

  • Add outlets near the television and of course, the mini fridge

Decorate the walls

  • Finally, hang a poster of your favorite Bears or Blackhawks player, relax in your recliner and watch the game!


The relationship between a man and his cave is a special one—and with a garage from Steele & Loeber, you can have that relationship, too. It’s the perfect place to relax, watch the game or entertain friends & family. It’s every man’s dream—walk away from the chaos of your house into your Man Cave where the only sounds are the television and the cracking open of a beer. The room is made for you to relax in your favorite chair and turn on your HD TV to the game. No one bothers you, no one tells you to keep it down when you cheer at a touchdown. It’s your Man Cave…and Steele & Loeber helped make that possible.