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We all know what it’s like to turn on the television and see the dreaded words flash across the screen: “HAIL STORM WARNING.” Hail storms often bring with them a good deal of collateral damage, but if you don’t have a garage protecting your car, your mind is overtaken with instant fear and you are forced to stare at the television to assess the amount of potential damage. If you are like many people we know, you consider draping yourself across your car to protect it! Questions rush through your mind: “How much is this going to cost?” “What kind of damage is this going to cause?” “Can I make golf ball size dents in the hood of my Lexus look cool?” Uh, probably not…

Most of the time, there is not enough warning to take the proper precautions to protect vehicles from an impending hail storm. There is a solution—a simple one at that—a garage.

A garage from Steele and Loeber can eliminate the potential damage inflicted by a hail storm or other natural disaster. According to NBC Chicago, a round of severe hailstorms in late June 2011 left a path of damage across Chicagoland to cars and houses. The article states, “The fast-moving ‘supercell’ storm produced golf ball-sized hail and winds…of up to 90 mph.”

According to ABC Chicago, auto body shops throughout the Chicago area were inundated with cars damaged from the hail in the same June 2011 storm. The article explained that car windows were busted or cracked and metal was pock-marked. The cost of the damage coupled with the lost time, not to mention frustration, of the vehicle owners made that a rather expensive storm.

A Steele and Loeber garage will protect vehicles and save drivers money, frustration and time—perhaps prolonging the life of your car. With your car safely tucked in your new garage, the next time the words “HAIL STORM WARNING” scroll across the TV screen, you can relax because you’ve prepared for such an occasion. Go ahead, turn the channel to the Big Bang Theory and let the hail fall where it may.

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