The Man Cave

Living room, dining room, kitchen, office—all these are standard rooms in a house. However, another room has recently evolved to be quite common in the modern day household—The Man Cave. A tool bench & mini fridge has quickly progressed to a 60-inch flat screen TV, a French-door refrigerator overflowing with beer and a stylish furniture set complete with a reclining chair.

 Because the Man Cave is a new development, most houses don’t come with a room designed for such use. We have the solution—a garage from Steele & Loeber. While a garage is commonly used to house cars and storage boxes, Steele & Loeber can cater to the needs of a Man Cave as well. With the options we provide, we can build you a garage big enough to serve all functional purposes, while still leaving room for the desirable Man Cave.

Here’s how to transform your space into the perfect Man Cave:


  • Install garage carpeting that is comfortable enough to walk around on, but can still support your car
  • Heavy duty polypropylene is most commonly used as garage carpeting due to its durability, ease of maintenance, ability to dry quickly & the ability to customize (i.e. your favorite sports team, color, etc.)

Heated garage

  • Steele & Loeber can install a heater in your new garage…it won’t even feel like a garage!

Paint the walls

  • Steele & Loeber can finish the walls of your garage with drywall, giving you a chance to paint the walls to add some extra color

Install a fold-up bar

  • To save space, install a bar that can be folded up against the wall when it’s not game day

Add extra electric outlets

  • Add outlets near the television and of course, the mini fridge

Decorate the walls

  • Finally, hang a poster of your favorite Bears or Blackhawks player, relax in your recliner and watch the game!


The relationship between a man and his cave is a special one—and with a garage from Steele & Loeber, you can have that relationship, too. It’s the perfect place to relax, watch the game or entertain friends & family. It’s every man’s dream—walk away from the chaos of your house into your Man Cave where the only sounds are the television and the cracking open of a beer. The room is made for you to relax in your favorite chair and turn on your HD TV to the game. No one bothers you, no one tells you to keep it down when you cheer at a touchdown. It’s your Man Cave…and Steele & Loeber helped make that possible.

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